Overview: Canyoning shoes 2018

Canyoningboots 2018 – Maskoon (Decathlon)

With the Decathlon Maskoon Sho 500 the year 2018 will see a totally new price class for canyoning shoes.

This shoe is produced exclusively for Decathlon and was availiable with Decathlon Spain first. Other Europeans countries have followed and today (13. december 2017) you can order this shoe in the following countries: Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, France. Germany is to follow soon).

Even befor the market entry in Germany did we manage to get a few shoes of each size for testing…

On first sight, the Maskoon is very close to the Adidas Hydro Pro… But the Cover of the lacing seems to be very thin and fragile. We will see wether this a pro or con for the shoe after first testings.

Definitely a disappointment is the sole: very rigid and hard it seems to be very cheap and slippery compared to its opponents.

If you cannot order Decathlon products in your homecountry or don’t want to wait for it, you can order here…

Canyoneeringboots 2018 – Fitwell

Fitwell Aquator

To me, personally, still one of the best Boots for Canyoneering that i ever wore… Because it is very slim, you will like this shoe aespecially if you tend to “swim” in other boots.

The price of 180 € for the EU and even 399,90 $ for the US has always been a problem to this shoe. But as other companies raise their prices, it’s becoming more and more of an option.

Second Problem used to be availability… Amazon offers a few sizes. Otherwise you might need to contact the Manufacturer.

Above: new, Below: after approximately 100 Trips.

Canyoning shoes 2018 – Bestard

Bestard Canyon Guide

Second product that can score with a very high shaft, integrated gaiters and a Wibram-Sole is the Bestard Canyon Guide.

You will find a very good review in the CanyonMag.

Bestard Canyon Guide Lady

The Bestard is the only Canyoning Shoe produced as a version adapted to female feet – isn’t that great?

Canyoningshoes 2018 – Five Ten

Five Ten Canyoneer

The classic, the warhorse, the state-of-the-art – won’t be produced anymore! …As we all could expect, after buying Five-Ten, Adidas is now streamlining the production and will not continue making the Canyoneer.

At the moment, the depots are being emptied and with the latest request from 13. december 2017, the following Sizes are already sold out: UK 3,5 / 4,5 / 11,0 / 11,5 / 12,0 / 12,5 / 13,0

All other sizes are still available and can be ordered as long as in stock.

Five Ten Canyoneer Canvas

The Canvas made its appearance in 2017 and is already History again. How very nice, that there was a red shoe, too…

The sole real improvement that the Canvas brought was that sizes were now produced all the way down to UK 1 (also for the regular Canyoneer then) So if you need Canyoningboots for Kids you should absolutely stock the next sizes now, because Adidas will only produce sizes that will bring lots of money.

Sold out (13.december2017): 3,5 / 4,0 / 4,5 / 5,5 / 9,0 / 9,5

Size-Chart Five-Ten Canyoneer

All other sizes can be backordered and will be available as long as there is stock

Five-Ten Camp Four

It used to be considered as an alternative to the Canyoneer, but it is stopped now, too. Sale has started early in 2017 and all is sold out by now.

Canyoning-boots 2018 – Adidas

Adidas Hydro Pro

The Hydro Pro will not be produced in 2018 anymore… Adidas is streamlining the production and maximising the profits. What else can you say?

Adidas Hydro Lace

The Hydro Lace 2018 will be signal red, otherwise there won’t be a huge difference to the model 2017. Except for the price that has been raised.  Why not after buying in and eliminating the only real competitor?

The Hydro Lace will be the best mainstream canyoning shoe in 2018 for sure. But the methods that reached this goal nearly legitimate boycot…

If you want to buy the 2018 Model for the 2017 price, Canyoning-Shop.com is giving 20% on preorders!

Wenn's dir gefällt, teile!

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